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MELT Beef™️

What is Melt Beef™️?

Melt Beef™️ is the home-grown beef produced at our own Melaleuka Farm. It is called Melt Beef as our focus is on producing beef with a lower melting point of fat.

Health Benefits of Low Melting Point Fat

A lower melting point is an indicator of a higher proportion of oleic acid in the fat of the beef. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fat which is understood to have a range of health benefits including improving cholesterol health (improved HDL/LDL ratio). Such studies have been completed at Texas A&M University in the US.

Melt Beef™️ 35, 37, 39

The numbers relate to the melting temperature of the fat at the sirloin and are an indicator of the level of oleic acid. The lower the temperature, the higher the level of oleic acid and the great the health benefits. We plan to promote and price our beef based on melting temperature in the future.

Testing Process

We use a patented test which allows us to easily and cheaply analyse a key region of the genome that helps to improve healthiness and quality whilst allowing testing to confirm provenance.

Where is our farm located?

Melaleuka Farm is located in the Peel Region including North Dandalup and Waroona.
What is the philosophy behind Melaleuka Farm?
To deliver our own ID traced, high quality, healthy Melt Beef directly from the farm to our customers’ plates.

What breeds of cattle do we raise on our farm?

We have had Simmental cattle for almost 50 years and they remain the core of the commercial female breeding herd. We put Akaushi (Red Wagyu) bulls over those commercial breeders to produce our premium short-fed / standard beef. We also have pure and full blood Akaushi (Red Wagyu) and Black Wagyu herds.

What’s the difference between Red Wagyu and Black Wagyu?

Red Wagyu is a nickname for Akaushi or Japanese Brown which is a different breed to what people know as Wagyu or Black Wagyu or Japanese Black. Kobe Beef, for example, is always Tajima line which is a particular blood line within the Black Wagyu breed. Akaushi have some similar characteristics to Black Wagyu. For example they marble and produce low melting temp fat but are quite different in other ways - mainly that they are “beefier” animals that grow more quickly, have better muscling, produce a greatly superior F1 (1st generation cross-breed) and will marble better on grass. It is thought that the Black Wagyu only marble on grain.

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