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Yes! For any special orders please contact us at and we will do our best to cater to your needs.

Please email us at with your name, item(s) you’d like to add to your order and your pick-up location by 9am Thursday mornings and we can add the extra items to your order.

No. Unfortunately at this time we only offer a pick-up collection of orders from our designated pick up locations chosen at time of placing your order.

We offer a variety of order pick-up locations in the Perth metro, Peel and Great Southern regions.

The Amberton - from 5pm every Friday during venue open hours
The Byford (bottle shop) - from 5pm every Friday during open hours
C.Y. O’Connor Thirsty Camel bottle shop, Piara Waters - from 5pm every Friday during venue open hours
The Wellard, Wellard - from 5pm every Thursday during venue open hours
Hybla Tavern, Albany - from 5pm every Friday during venue open hours
Peel Produce Markets, Mandurah - every Saturday 8-12pm

No. Unfortunately our order cut off and pick up days are the same each week. However, you can pick up your order during the open hours of your chosen pick-up location.

YES. Our burger patties are made and snap frozen. All of our other products are portioned and packed to order fresh.

Our boxes your order is delivered in can be recycled. Vacuum sealed bags are recyclable.
Melaleuka Farm is moving towards a fully sustainable model.


Our meat is vacuum sealed which removes the oxygen from packaging and reduces the ability of bacteria to spoil the meat. This extends the shelf life of the product. When opened, you may notice the meat can be a little darker in colour and have a slight odour. Upon exposure to oxygen the meat should return to a more familiar colour and the slight odour should dissipate within 5-10 minutes.

We are not certified organic. Due to the location of our farm being on the coastal plain it’s hard for us to be organic, as we need to use mineral supplements and fertiliser for our soil.

We breed and finish all of our own cattle and we have a mix of grain and grass finished and all our cattle are free from antibiotics and hormones.

Melt beef is the Dawkins Family registered trademark referencing the low melting temperature fat which is genetically inherent in the Japanese breed Akaushi which forms the core of our herd.

Melaleuka Farm has its own marble grading system which is based on Aus-Meat and MSA marbling reference standards, it is as follows: Melt references Aus-Meat and MSA marble score 0-2
Melt+ references Aus-Meat and MSA marble score 3-4
Melt Wagyu references Aus-Meat and MSA marble score 5+

All our produce is from our family owned and operated farm in North Dandalup, with the purpose to produce healthy beef that also provides superior flavour and eating quality.

The farm has been owned by the family since 1948 and there are currently 3 generations actively involved in farming today.

We run a true farm-to-table operation involving research, meat processing, packaging/labelling.

We currently retail to our hospitality venues and retail sale to the public with 9 pick up locations across Perth, Peel and the Great Southern regions.

We use a unique breed of Japanese cattle called Akaushi (also known as Japanese Brown or Red Wagyu) to help us improve the quality and healthiness of our beef.

This breed has a strong ability to deposit high levels of marbling with a low melting temperature of fat, which is healthier for you than traditional beef and provides superior flavour and eating quality.

The fast growth of Akaushi cattle coupled with the ability to gain healthy marbling quickly means that we are able to provide our customers with exceptional beef at a very reasonable price.

From genetics and research to breeding and growing, our cattle are treated with great care and ethically produced. Free from hormones, antibiotics and left to roam on our 5000 acres.


Grain Fed
Grass fed, finished on grain
Brighter red colour to the beef with whiter fat and more consistent marbling
More ‘buttery’ flavour
If you like your meat to have more marbling then you’re more likely to enjoy the flavour of Grain-fed beef.

Grass Fed
100% grass fed
Slight yellow hue of fat
Complex, ‘beefy’ or ‘meatier flavour’
Generally more costly to produce, grazes longer, uses more water for pastures, higher labour cost to produce, requires rotation
If you like the idea of cattle raised on natural pastures, then Grass-fed is for you

Yes! Our only products that are delivered to you frozen may be our burger patties. All other products are fresh and can be frozen prior and up until the best before date.

YES. All of our cuts of meat are gluten free. Unfortunately, our BBQ sausages are the only sausages that are gluten free, all of our other sausages contain gluten.

 All products are nut free and are prepared prior to and safely away from nuts.

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